Enhancing higher education outcomes in Africa

Learning made easier through affordable, curated digital content.

Imano™ is a digital platform that provides inclusive, on-the-go access to affordable learning materials for higher education students in Africa.


Course-specific, easily accessible and affordable prescribed e-textbooks for students.


Easy to use e-textbooks. Highlight, underline, take notes, look up words/phrases, select text and start a discussion with fellow students or faculty and more.


A virtual student-faculty portal - departmental bulletins, virtual student collaboration, calendar, and more.


Institution to Institution connection - Become a partner institution and invite other institutions to share research, textbooks, articles, lecture series, and more with you.


Content beyond textbooks - connect to a world of free digital textbooks, lecture series, explainer videos, research & journal articles, past evaluations, and more. Learn about the new developments in your field from around the world.

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