Overcoming obstacles to improve higher education outcomes in Africa

Two of Africa’s chief challenges in the education sector, especially at tertiary levels are the cost and lack of access to learning resource materials.

Imano™ addresses these obstacles by providing a central, collaborative platform where tertiary institutions, teachers, publishers, independent content developers, distributors and students can collaborate towards improving access, enhancing learning experience and reducing costs.

We provide access to quality learning materials

Textbooks are expensive all over the world, but for African students, these expenses can be prohibitive. Poorer economies are not only burdened by typically unfavourable exchange rates – international shipping and small-scale local distribution also add significantly to textbook costs.

As a result, many tertiary institutions in Africa rely on limited numbers of extremely outdated textbooks for their coursework, putting both teachers and students at an immediate disadvantage.

By enabling access to affordable, top-quality digital versions of the latest learning materials via our curated virtual Bookstore, Imano™ facilitates a more current, effective and inclusive educational environment.


We facilitate effective student-faculty communication

Having weathered decades of underfunding, many African universities still lack the infrastructure to provide an effective student-faculty interface portal. Imano™ fills this gap by providing a digital Student Portal where faculty members and students can interact, participate in discussions, share important departmental information, and schedule events.


We enable knowledge-sharing with international communities

In addition to affordable digital textbooks, Imano™ also curates a wide selection of free supplementary learning materials, including past evaluations, theses and dissertations, mock papers and more – all available to students via our Resources library.

As a key part of this process, we encourage partnerships between local and more advanced academic institutions to facilitate the sharing of research, lecture series and even textbooks, virtually.

We also welcome free content from distributors keen to contribute to a stronger global academic community.

Give the gift of knowledge with Imano™.