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Collaborating towards improved learning outcomes

Imano™ enables educational institutions to leverage top-quality international teaching and learning material in their courses with none of the affordability and accessibility issues of hardcopy textbooks.

The app’s feature-rich environment also provides invaluable administrative tools to help streamline student-faculty communications, and offers unique collaborative capabilities for building strategic partnerships with international content developers and academic communities.

Provide affordable access to textbooks

Specify your choice of prescribed textbooks and compulsory reading from our extensive digital Bookstore and leverage the Imano™ Resources library to find free supplementary material to round out your students’ knowledge.

If we don’t have a specific textbook available in digital format, we’ll do our best to source this for you, or provide a suitable alternative of an equally high standard.

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

Phil Collins

Upload syllabus & course details

Compile and upload your syllabus and course details all the way down to elective subjects where applicable. These details can then be used to ensure the correct textbooks, reading materials and course schedules are made available to students via Imano™.

Add your existing eLibrary

Upload any compatible content from your existing eLibrary to the Imano™ platform to enable students to access this alongside their other course material in the Imano™ Bookstore and/or Resources page. Contact us to find out more about supported file formats.

Sell or share content

Turn your proprietary textbooks or other learning materials into a useful source of revenue by uploading them to the Imano™ Bookstore and setting a price. Choose between making them available for rent or purchase, sharing them free of charge with selected organisations or students, or adding them to our central Resources to be freely accessible to all Imano™ users.

Access free learning material

Access a variety of free supplementary learning material that has been carefully curated to complement your courses. This is a great way to round out reading lists with international-quality research, lectures, theses, past papers and more, all of which are available to students via the Imano™ Resources page.

Partner with other institutions

Share in resources donated by other local or international institutions by creating a linked Imano™ account for these partners. They’ll be able upload additional learning material for your students, linked to the appropriate courses, including research, lecture series, theses, dissertations, practice tests and even textbooks.

Manage communications

Post departmental bulletins, publish results, load assignments and share interesting links or reading material with students using the Imano™ Student Portal – no additional hardware or resources required. The portal also facilitates communication through virtual discussion groups and has an academic calendar to keep track of all important assignments, exams, events and term dates.


Step 1: Create a master account

The first step for any institution is to sign up for an Imano™ master account and add sub-accounts for participating faculty and any partner schools.

Step 2: Load course details

Faculty members will be able to upload their syllabus details from their Imano™ sub-account. They will then be able to prescribe specific textbooks and additional learning material for each course and publish course-specific notifications or calendar events via the Student Portal.

Step 3: Load students

Imano™ charges a small per-user fee for student access. This is normally built into tuition and transferred to Imano™ by the institution once registration is complete. Each registered student is then loaded into our system, and receives a personalised Imano™ account tied to their student number and subject choices for the year.

Step 4: Engage with Imano™

The power of Imano™ lies in its interactive nature and flexibility. We encourage institutions and faculty members to engage with students via the platform, and form relationships with content providers and other institutions to build a more collaborative and inclusive academic community.

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