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Interactive user-friendly e-textbooks and resources.

Your passport to learning

Imano™ keeps you connected to everything you need to stay on top of your course work, including digital textbooks, reading lists, events, assignments, and a variety of free supplementary learning materials. Simply sign in using the credentials issued to you by your education provider and select your chosen courses from our prepopulated lists.

Affordable digital textbooks at the click of a button

Enjoy instant, on-the-go access to the Imano™ Bookstore via your internet-enabled mobile device or computer. Buy or rent digital versions of your prescribed textbooks up to 80% cheaper than alternative sources and get a host of free additional learning material to help you ace every exam.

O this learning, what a thing it is!

William Shakespeare

Free learning resources

The Imano™ Resource library offers a wealth of free learning aids and supplementary materials to make your coursework easier to understand and more enjoyable. Choose from lecturer-approved practice papers, video lectures, background reading and journal articles, and a range of other interactive content designed to give you the best possible foundation in your chosen field.

Easy payment options

Imano™ offers convenient prepaid store credit to make it easy for friends and family to contribute to your learning expenses. Any credit purchased using your student reference number will be loaded to your Imano™ account and can be spent in the Imano™ Bookstore at your discretion. Payment options include all major credit cards, PayPal, Mobile Money and EFT.

Portable learning library

No more carrying heavy books around to be lost or forgotten at the worst possible moment. With Imano™, all your downloaded textbooks and supplementary learning materials are kept safe and organised in your Imano™ App Library. Access them offline, whenever and wherever you need them. You can also underline, highlight and bookmark – no pens or pencils required!

Collaborative Student Portal

Stay in touch with fellow students, collaborate on course work and engage with your lecturers all via the Imano™ Student Portal. With virtual discussion groups, faculty bulletin boards and event calendars tracking all your important dates, you’ll never be caught by surprise again.

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